Glue Russian very strong for advanced lash stylists

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The quickest-drying glue. Very strong.

Hold lashes up to 10 weeks. For skilled and experianced lash technicians.

Adhesive is extremaly fast drying and make eyelash treatment faster. It is not suitable for begginers lash technicians.


Suitable for all kind of lashes as well as Russian Lashes.

The velvet consistency allows lash stylist to pick the ideal amount of glue on an eyelash.



Ideal to volume lashes and 1:1 eyelash extensions as well.

To proffesional use only. Not recommended to clients with sensitive eyes - may cause irritation

Colour: black

Temperature: 19-24 °C
Humidity: 30-60%
Drying time: 0,5-1s


Warning: Shake before use. Store in a cool and dry place. Proffesional use only. Avoid contact with eyes.