BrowXenna® OXYGEN O₂ cream Сlear Shade Diluter #0.0

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Professional Сlear Shade Diluter #0.0 for eyebrows and eyelashes

OXYGEN O₂ Clear Shade Diluter is a unique part of the smart coloring system.

This product allows a brow or lash artist to create more than 1000 new shades!

Diluter works on ON/OFF Skin technology. This means that it allows you to adjust the degree of permeability of the dye into the skin surface.


How to use?

If you want to change the colour of dye add a cream-diluter to BrowXenna® OXYGEN O₂ Dye for eyebrows and eyelashes.

You can add 5%, or you can add 200% of the cream-diluter, depending on the result you want to achieve.


Product is not a coloring or brightening product, it can only be used to mix with four basic dye colors.


Capacity: 15ml